We are truly BLESSED to have so many amazing parents trading with us! You are our supply chain and we are so thankful for you!

Appointments are now required to bring in items.

You may still drop in the morning the day of your appointment and pick up by closing at 5:30. We will have a rolling 14 day schedule to choose from. 

All items are to be brought in a container, clothes, shoes, toys, books, etc. You are limited to 2 bins, bags (no trash bags) or boxes per person per trade day. All clothing, shoes, books and toys are to be brought in a bin (average laundry basket size) or reusable shopping bag. Items should be clean and freshly laundered, with items laid flat and sets laid together.

We can accommodate most large items, but do request that if you are bringing in larger items, to refrain to only 1 bin of extras, we will not be able to take 2.

If bringing in NB - 12M clothing, we can only accept 1 bin (of those sizes) per appointment.


A big Thank you!

We know that many of you have traded with us for years, and that sometimes change is hard, but at this time it is necessary to not overwork our wonderful team!!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of our small business!!!

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